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We are Government Approved Contractors, CAGE Code 7XK08

At Classics Ltd, we design, manufacture and supply bronze sculptures, fiber-glass or resin, cigar store Indians and wood statues all across the world. We have been specializing in the production of bronze sculptures and delivering our customers exactly as per their requirement. We guarantee you that our services are excellent and satisfying our customers is our number one priority. We aim to offer sculptures that are helpful to our customers and ensure that they face no problems in the future.

These bronze sculptures are placed in parks, botanical gardens, historic places and so on. Our designs are inspired from the legendary sculptures that are placed in kingdoms and empires. We create sculptures of animals, birds or human figures that are legends. We also specialize in creating replicas which have been previously created as masterpieces. Our artisans who are extremely skilled in the field have an extensive experience and expertise over the years creates stunning models.

Allclassics aim to provide high class products through our years of expertise in this area. We provide age old, antique and personalized solutions to meet our clients' demands. Our core values include dedication towards consistently working on improving the quality of our sculptures. Our artists are trained in the work of sculpting for a long period and thus are able to deliver precise results. The art of sculpture making is highly driven by passion and our artisans are skilled with excellence to deliver this craft with utmost perfection.

Allclassics ensure that our customer requirements are fulfilled and we deliver our products within a stipulated period of time ensuring there are no delays in the delivery of products and are in compliance to customer's demands. We are focused towards deliberately attempting to provide excellent services in order to achieve over-all satisfaction of our customers and we regularly upgrade our technology, quality of services and other facilities.

Allclassics also deal with corporate mascots and use the age old techniques for making the mascots. Bronze mascots can be quite often seen as landmarks in public places, roads, parks, botanical gardens or other historic places. We are dedicated towards making sculptures that stand out and are uniquely handcrafted. Our sculptures are made with nothing but the best of materials which is why they stand strong in the face of any natural calamity. Satisfaction of the customers is our primary motive and we strive for perfection.

Allclassics make use of cutting edge technology in manufacturing and focus on creating bronze sculptures and we are passionate about delivering sculptures as per the specified requirements of our clients. We ensure that we adhere to the demands of our customers as each one of them may have different notions on how they want a particular sculpture to be. With over 30 years of experience, we have gained expertise in the field of mascot sculpture making we have successfully delivered our clients' requirements.

At All Classics, Ltd., we are the largest designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of medium to monumental-sized bronze sculptures, custom fiberglass or resin, cigar store Indians & wood statues in the world. With having no "ego" in our pricing, we can manufacture and distribute at affordable prices, for either wholesale or retail customers.

Produced using the same techniques that have been used for thousands of years, there are no limits to what can be made into a bronze, wood or fiberglass statue; be it a human, botanical or animal form.

With over 30 years of experience and hands on knowledge, combined with the drive to create beautiful artwork, we produce stunning replicas and original statues inspired by the myths and legends of lost empires and great kingdoms.

Additionally we offer a modern, contemporary design collection that complements the work of an architect or landscaper seeking something special, unique and hand-made. Landscape architects that want to place a memorial or statue in a park or botanical garden, to create a center point, be it in the form of an animal, human or abstract, can contact us at any time. We can transform your vision into a museum-quality piece of art.

Our bronze foundry, fountains can easily turn any location into a landmark that everyone who visits will enjoy and admire.

Our fiberglass/resin creations like custom fiberglass advertising statues, fiberglass sculptures are great for large-quantity promotion pieces for television shows, movies, product promotions, and retail sales. Durable, lightweight and great for attracting customers.

Our bronze sculpture, foundry, fountains can easily turn any location into a landmark that everyone who visits will enjoy and admire.

Another worthwhile feature of our company is that we provide our products at very affordable prices.

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Specialist of Bronze Sculptures and Statues

All Classics limited is specialist of artwork speically in bronze sculptures and bronze statues. We have stock of thousands of finest and highest quality of bronze sculptures and statues from about all over world. We are able to manufucture wide variety of unique and famous bronze sculptures or statues which show always our artwork quality and standard. You can choose us for any types of bronze statues like small bronze statues for home, big statues for garden or school or university, children or wildlife statues and much more. So you can contact or choose us for any types of bronze sculpture and statues work with surirty of top quality of artwork.

Expertise in Below Bronze / Wood / Fiberglass Sculptures & Statues

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