A7AQ28 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle
Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

ACL-7 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle
26” Aluminum Alloy Frame
Wheel Size: 26” 4.0 Fat Tire
160mm Disc Brake
Gear Type: Shimano 21 Speed
Controller Power: 48V 500W
Battery: 48V 10ah Lithium-ion Battery
Charger: 42V 2A
LCD Display and thumb throttle

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mechanic brothers wall hang
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MSRP: $2,875.00
Bronze Life Size Muhammad Ali tribute sculpture last one
Bronze Muhammad Ali Boxer Tribute Monument
This amazing life-size, heavy cast bronze of the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. Finished museum quality hot melted metal bronze statue  6ft 6in high with base and the base is 29in wide round. This Boxer is boxer joyfully punching away like his famous matches of history.  This custom piece was bought at  European sale and available for special purchase. 

This statue is signed by artists who worked on this project. Please call me with any questions 302-738-2190. 

This statue would make a great Recreation Center, Gym or Boxing club display and would surely make any location a landmark.


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MSRP: $19,985.00
6ft Tall Ice Cream Cone with Fudge

6ft Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone with Fudge on display stand for easy moving inside and out of your business easily.  We can custom make any design in any quantity and if you are looking for anything you do not see on our site, contact us directly 302-738-2190 or email

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MSRP: $695.00
6ft French Fri man restaurant menu.
French Fries Man 6ft

Commercial grade Fiberglass French Fri man restaurant display statue.

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MSRP: $1,285.00
Noah’s Ark and Biblical Figures
Noah’s Ark and Biblical Figures



Life-Size Noah’s Ark with Biblical Figures.  This display is made to order and the first one can be seen in Israel.  Certain pieces are available separately. Please contact us for more information.

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Giant Bronze American Bull Frog by All Classics Ltd
Giant American Bull Frog

Exclusive Design, larger than life and only available through us!
The American Bullfrogs are just like any other amphibian as they spend their entire life in or nearby freshwater. The male bullfrog’s call is distinctive, deep and loud; “Jug-O-Rum”, “Jug-O-Rum” is the call of the Bullfrog. Many people think that the sound is like a cow mooing, which is why this breed of frog has a “bull” in front of it’s name.

This giant mascot size creation is larger than life and bigger than any cartoon style frog and is very life-like capturing the beauty of this amazing sounding amphibian. His massive and the measurements are: 36 inches tall, 53 inches long and 30 inches wide.

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MSRP: $9,859.00
TK-56265 Capitoline Wolf Romulus Remus
Capitoline Wolf Romulus and Remus Large TK28565

The Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus.This sculpture is a reproduction of the Etruscan art that stands in the Palazzo dei Conservatori on Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy. The mythical tale of Romulus and Remus has all the makings of a modern day epic. The twins were sons of Mars, god of war and Rhea Silvia, daughter of King Numitor of Alba Longa. King Numitor was overthrown by his brother Amulius who then ordered Romulus and Remus to be cast into the Tiber River. They were rescued by a she-wolf who cared for them until a herdsman found and raised them. Romulus and Remus grew and after reclaiming Alba Longa for King Numitor, the brothers began plans for a city near the site of their rescue on the banks of the Tiber. During a quarrel over the city�s name, Romulus killed Remus. He then built the city, giving it his name.

Of course I took pictures of the Capitoline Wolf from all different angles. The Capitoline Wolf, the ancient symbol of the city of Rome, is probably one of the most immediately recognized statues of the ancient world. The bronze wolf is thought to be of Etruscan origin dating from the 5th century BCE. The suckling children were added during the Renaissance. Most people are familiar with the legend of Romulus and Remus. Although the Renaissance additions depict chubby apparently happy children, as young men, the two brothers did not get along nearly as well. In an argument over the site of their newly proposed city, Romulus killed Remus. So the eternal city ended up with the name of Rome (not Reme). Romulus ruled for 38 years then legend says that he was taken up to heaven by a violent whirlwind: for more information click here.

At, our capacity to produce traditional and custom pieces in bronze, wood, or cast iron allows us to offer our customers the right design in the right material at the best possible price. We offer excellent prices on quantity production runs, and custom castings. We can produce quantity runs of figures based on your sample or create custom pieces to suit your needs.

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MSRP: $9,895.00
emerging hand
10ft Bronze Emerging Hand Sculpture

10ft GIANT BRONZE “EMERGING HAND” (Artist direct)

Available direct from us is our new 10 foot tall, “Emerging Hand” sculpture. Make your office/business/ranch/home a landmark with this amazing hand-made statue. This design is truly amazing with the hand in the “OK” position.

It is completely hand-made out of heavy cast bronze with steel reinforcements welded inside as all you would have to do is place it where you would like and enjoy it for many, many lifetimes to come.

We can make this any size you want, contact us directly for price quote on the size you are looking for as no size too big.

Total dimensions of this piece are 120 inches tall, 72 inches in total width and 60 inches from the front of the hand to the back. The hand’s total weight on his own is 1,500 lbs (680 Kilos).

You may pick this item up from our SALES TAX FREE, Newark, Delaware warehouse facility or we can ship to you. Questions??? contact us anytime Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm EST at (302) 738-2190.

This monumental sculpture will be shipped LTL truck freight as we will wrap and prep the sculpture for shipping and you pay the freight directly to the carrier which saves you a lot of money. No over-inflated shipping costs, just the actual freight and when we ship this way, you receive a larger discount with our pre-negotiated rates. Commercial delivery is recommended on this due to its size.


We are the largest designers, manufacturers and wholesalers of monumental bronze sculptures, fountains, hand-carved wood Cigar Store Indians, fiberglass/resin sculptures, full color LED advertising signs and commercial grade playground equipment in the world. From one of a kind designs to full production runs, we can make anything in any size.

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MSRP: $68,975.00
Old Kawliga Cigar Store Indian
Old Kawliga Cigar Store Indian

A 70 inch mahogany carving of Old Kawliga, carrying his tobacco bag and pipe. A nostalgic wooden carving from the old west.

Also Available in a 40 inch size also

At, our capacity to produce traditional and custom pieces in bronze, wood, or cast iron allows us to offer our customers the right design in the right material at the best possible price. We offer excellent prices on quantity production runs, and custom castings. We can produce quantity runs of figures based on your sample or create custom pieces to suit your needs.

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MSRP: $1,295.00
Spirit Chief Holding Rifle Cigar Store Indian
Spirit Chief Holding Rifle Cigar Store Indian

Our Spirit Chief with Rifle holds a removable rifle (included) in one hand and a bundle of cigars in the other. Hand carved out of solid, kiln-dried mahogany, and hand painted to achieve an authentic Old West feel, this Indian is also available in a Large size that stands 70 inches tall.

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MSRP: $1,295.00
Adult Full Size T-Rex Dinosaur
Adult Full Size T-Rex Dinosaur

This MASSIVE T-Rex dinosaur is a special order design, made to order only. Please contact us 302-738-2190

Hand crafted by our in house artisans in heavy cast, commercial grade fiberglass with steel reinforced structure.

He measures in at 401 inches tall, 472 inches long and 149 inches wide weighing 8598 lbs.

Create you very own Jurassic Park today.

Need a custom design????? Contact us today!!!!
The famous T-Rex Dinosaur is a truly amazing dinosaur carnivore plus one of the most iconic dinosaurs in history and amazing to see especially in this full scale version available. Perfect design for your park, recreational facility, miniature golf, theme park or anywhere you are decorating.

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MSRP: $107,629.00