8ft Custom General Tran Hung Dao Nears Completion

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General Tran Hung Dao

Currently, we are putting the final touches on our custom 8ft bronze sculpture of General Tran Dow. Showing how we can take photographs and images and turn them into three dimensional sculpture to last a lifetime. This creation was done exclusively for a group of previous clients that placed our final casting of the late Ronald Reagan at Mile Square Park in Orange County, California.

Tran Hung Dao was born under the name of Tran Quoc Tuan around the year 1229 and past away in the year 1300 as a figure of legendary proportions.General Tran Hung Dao was known for using guerrilla warfare and scorched-earth tactics against his enemies and with an amazing counteroffensive, he was able to liberate the capital of Vietnam which drove the Mongols back to China.  With his actions, he became the first great Vietnamese military strategists that is still recognized among current Vietnam communities and people still to this day.


This is the first of a limited edition creation for our client and the detail was captured beautifully so that whether up close or from a distance, you will know it is the great General Tran Hung Dao.  Over the next few years, we will be working with our clients and other communities to place one among other areas around the USA and the world to celebrate an amazing war hero and icon of the world.

Here at www.allclassics.com, we are the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of monumental, heavy cast, bronze sculptures in the world. From one of a kind works of sculpture art, limited edition creations to full production run productions, there is no size too large for our amazing company.

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