Custom Public Art Project Underway

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Custom Fiberglass FRP Skinny Man Sculpture’s Model being sculpted

Currently, we are working on a custom sculpture in Fiberglass which will be obtained by up to 100 artists who will custom paint each one with a couple possible Celebrity artists.  This sculpture was designed off of an original work of art that was only 24 inches tall in which our custom sculptures were able to hand-carve a model in which is up-sized to 6 feet tall (to the top of the head).

We are working closely with the client to make their dream come to life in an affordable manor in which our pricing to do custom quality custom fiberglass keeps costs down for promotional use or to resell. Talk to one of our artists today to get your dream turned into a reality.


We can custom make any design, any size in any quantity for street art, custom projects, corporate mascots and more in commercial grade fiberglass.

We are the largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medium size to monumental size bronze sculptures, fountains and school mascots in the world.  From one of a kind bronze art to full limited editions and more, we can create any design into a 3 dimensional work of art to enjoy.

Need a custom design???? Contact us anytime Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm at (302) 738-2190  or email us at

Here at All Classics Ltd, we have over 35 years of experience in the business of wood carvings, hand-carved Cigar Store Indians, Bronze sculpture and fountains, school mascots, commercial grade fiberglass sculptures, commercial grade playground equipment and full color LED Electronic Signs. Our knowledge helps get the design you want in a quality unlike the others as we only use the finest materials in our work, plus with no “ego” in our pricing, you will see why working with us is an absolute pleasure you will be pleased with for many decades to come.

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