Significance of Lost Wax Method and other Methods for Making of an Eye Catching Statue

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In order to design an eye catching bronze statue, you need to choose the right method and right experienced artist. The high quality bronze needs to be implemented on metals through electrotyping or Galavano plasty method. These sculptures are built up with pure copper and their concoction does not include metal casting.

Mould obtaining Lost wax casting method for a better quality bronze statue

lost wax casting method

Through lost-wax casting method, the artist initiates the entire model of bronze sculpture with a non-drying oil-based clay like a Plasticine model for smaller sized sculptures or for sculptures to be made within a longer period and the clay must be protected from drying and this clay must have the qualities to capture a gesture. In this way, a suitable mould is designed from the clay structure, either as a plaster mould or including suitable gel or same type rubber category materials.

At last a plaster master will be developed from this mould for next concentration process. Such kind of plaster preserves the artwork until a patron may be available to funding a bronze casting. This can be done from either from a new mould designed from the concentrated plaster positive or the original moulds.

Lost Wax method after mould produced for hollow bronze sculptures

hollow bronze sculptures

Once an appropriate mould is created, a wax or hollow for larger sized sculptures is then made from the same mould. In order to design a hollow size sculpture, a core is then converted into the void, and is continued in its exact position (post wax melting procedure) and the pins of the same metal applied for casting. Further all formalities and activities of bronze application will be done to get an eye catching bronze sculptures.

How to design economical bronze statues?

economical bronze statues

You can process a bulk nos. of bronze sculptures in order to get an economical price for the same. Because of the bulk volume of statues, you need to ask a discounted price to the sellers or suppliers. Also, according to quality of bronze to be implemented can be a factor of discount and size of the statues can bring a huge difference in prices.

Creating large bronze sculptures

Large Horse Bronze Statue

We can take example by Eugène Farcot, a monumental categorized conical pendulum clock with a patinated bronze statue. So for building of a large size bronze sculpture, the artist develops small sample models to determine the pose and proportions. Many small sized part of the statue will be designed and jointed together to depict a bigger size bronze statue.

Hence, it is a tough job to develop a large size bronze sculpture but, the experienced artist can make it easier by applying their skills and tactics. So, hiring a higher experienced artist and spending money for appropriate quality bronze can save your money up to a great volume and you can also have multiple statues in this money.

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