mechanic brothers wall hang
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MSRP: $2,875.00
Noah’s Ark and Biblical Figures
Noah’s Ark and Biblical Figures



Life-Size Noah’s Ark with Biblical Figures.  This display is made to order and the first one can be seen in Israel.  Certain pieces are available separately. Please contact us for more information.

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Adult Brachiosaurus

This dinosaur is a special order design, made to order only. Please contact us 302-738-2190

Hand crafted by our in house artisans in heavy cast, commercial grade fiberglass with steel reinforced structure.

He measures in at 393 inches tall, 720 inches long and 100 inches wide weighing 6,613 lbs.

Create you very own Jurassic Park today.

Need a custom design????? Contact us today!!!!

Brachiosaurus is a truly amazing dinosaur, long neck and amazing to see especially in this full scale version available. Perfect design for your park, recreational facility, miniature golf, theme park or anywhere you are decorating.

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MSRP: $99,895.00
Raptor 9 Feet Tall

Available by special order is our 9 foo tall, Raptor. This life-size dinosaurs are truly amazing in design and look. Perfect for your mini golf location, theme park, Jurassic Style recreation center or anywhere you would like to.

110 inches tall, 42 inches wide and 188 inches long weighing in at 246 lbs.

Hand-made, commercial grade fiberglass on a metal base for easy moving around your location.

Price is a special order, wholesale price and does not include shipping to your location.

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MSRP: $5,995.00
Ceiling Hang Cigar
Ceiling Hang Cigar


Now available on eBay are 60 inch long, resin cigars made to hang from the ceiling in your home, office, cigar store or anywhere you want. These look very realistic and a great way to decorate your store plus attract new customers.

These are hand-made fiberglass lined, resin 60 inches long and have hooks made into the design so that once you receive your order, all you have to do is just hang it from the ceiling or display anyway you want using the built in loops.

If you need custom production any size, style, label or quantity call us directly 302-738-2190

Are you a cigar company?? We can make these with your custom label on them (Great for promotion) at fantastic prices. Contact us today for more information 302-738-2190

Retail price of these cigars are $399.00 plus shipping but as we always do, we are offering them to our eBay buyers at a discounted, wholesale direct price.

Questions???? Contact us anytime Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm EST at 302-738-2190.

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MSRP: $389.00
Jeeves the Butler
Jeeves the Butler

Imagine, your own life-size butler! Jeeves will stand and be ready to serve at all times. Always loyal, obedient, and guaranteed not to talk back, but don't expect a smile any time soon. Stiff upper lip, you know.

Let our Jeeves present your cigars, champagne, restaurant special or just your keys as you leave each day. More than a great conversational piece, a genuine piece of functional art!

This classic piece is Hand carved out of solid, kiln-dried mahogany, and hand painted to achieve an authentic Old West feel, and is also available in a Small size that stands 40 inches tall.

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MSRP: $1,195.00

Need a new piece to decorate your zoo, miniature golf course, business, amusement park or even your home? Our amazing 10 foot long Crocodile is available!! Highly detailed and in a “ready to eat” pose to enjoy for many years to come.

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MSRP: $1,749.00