Bronze Indian Warrior
Bronze Indian Warrior Spear Shield

This life-size bronze Indian Chief shows an aged warrior, dressed for combat and carrying his spear. Incredible brown patina coloring and detailed features set this native American apart from the usual.

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Bronze Life Size Muhammad Ali tribute sculpture last one
Bronze Muhammad Ali Boxer Tribute Monument
This amazing life-size, heavy cast bronze of the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. Finished museum quality hot melted metal bronze statue  6ft 6in high with base and the base is 29in wide round. This Boxer is boxer joyfully punching away like his famous matches of history.  This custom piece was bought at  European sale and available for special purchase. 

This statue is signed by artists who worked on this project. Please call me with any questions 302-738-2190. 

This statue would make a great Recreation Center, Gym or Boxing club display and would surely make any location a landmark.


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Giant Bronze American Bull Frog by All Classics Ltd
Giant American Bull Frog

Exclusive Design, larger than life and only available through us!
The American Bullfrogs are just like any other amphibian as they spend their entire life in or nearby freshwater. The male bullfrog’s call is distinctive, deep and loud; “Jug-O-Rum”, “Jug-O-Rum” is the call of the Bullfrog. Many people think that the sound is like a cow mooing, which is why this breed of frog has a “bull” in front of it’s name.

This giant mascot size creation is larger than life and bigger than any cartoon style frog and is very life-like capturing the beauty of this amazing sounding amphibian. His massive and the measurements are: 36 inches tall, 53 inches long and 30 inches wide.

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Scottish Terrier
Scottish Terrier

The earliest origin of the Scottish Terrier will always be something of a mystery. The principal source of historical knowledge is found in religious works, literary fragments, and available drawings and paintings. The antiquity of the breed's ancestry is unassailable, however. Known by many names, the “Scotch Terrier” has been native to Scotland for several hundred years. It is believed that the original stock was brought in by the Celts, and probably the $candinavians. The Norsemen had been ruling the Hebrides and adjacent islands long before the Norman conquest, and there are records of the terriers which they brought with them. The Scottish, the Skye, the West Highland White, and the Cairn are all likely decendants of a common breed native to the Scottish soifand of Norse descent.

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German Shepherd Sitting
German Shepherd Sitting

The German Shepherd is known around the world as the biggest leading Police, K-9 Dog of all time.  These dogs are also a family loving companions, herders and dog show champions.

Our Shepherd is sitting proudly which is great for a memorial, tribute sculpture or family companion anywhere you put him.  He is average full grown size and is very detailed due to being Lost Wax Cast.

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Life-Size Kneeling Soldier Memorial Statue
Life-Size Kneeling Soldier Memorial Statue

This new design is created exclusively by All Classics Ltd and is only available through us or our certified affiliates.

A truly amazing sculpture of a kneeling soldier that is life-size and very large to be the ultimate memorial and tribute to the heroes that fight for our country. Pay the ultimate tribute to your heroes with a long last, heavy cast bronze memorial for your organization, park or even your own home.

This sculpture is 48 inches tall, 32 inches long and 30 inches wide.

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Bronze Chief Mohawk
Bronze Chief Mohawk

LAST ONE EVER as as artist limited edition then once sold, it will be removed from the website. This Bronze Indian statue is cast with lost wax method, and carries a bow and arrow. Notice the fine details of this magnificent bronze casting. He stands a commanding 70 inches high, and weighs around 224 pounds.

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