Bronze Indian Tomahawk Monument 04
Bronze Indian Tomahawk Memorial

This larger than life bronze Indian shows a warrior, ready for anything carrying his tomahawk. Incredible museum brown patina coloring and detailed features set this native American apart from the usual.

not rated $11,985.00 $8,788.00
Life-Size Kneeling Soldier Memorial Statue
Life-Size Kneeling Soldier Memorial Statue

This new design is created exclusively by All Classics Ltd and is only available through us or our certified affiliates.

A truly amazing sculpture of a kneeling soldier that is life-size and very large to be the ultimate memorial and tribute to the heroes that fight for our country. Pay the ultimate tribute to your heroes with a long last, heavy cast bronze memorial for your organization, park or even your own home.

This sculpture is 48 inches tall, 32 inches long and 30 inches wide.

not rated
MSRP: $17,985.00