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10ft Rearing Bronze Horse

MSRP: $24,950.00

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This 10ft Bronze Rearing horse sculpture is sure to get a great deal of attention for your home, business, or public setting.

This piece is highly detailed and beautifully hand cast in the lost wax process. It is a true monumental landmark creation. At a full TEN feet tall it is by far the largest equestrian sculpture on the market, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

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Bronze Rearing Horse 10ft

This is a life-size bronze stallion captured as he rears.This spectacular bronze sculpture is over nine feet in height. Whether your a cowboy, western art collector or country estate this statue is the epitome of bronze casting. A beautiful testimonial to the equestrian spirit.

The horse was highly popularized in the art of the Romans with numerous popular pieces depicting the anatomical features of the horse to more dynamic sculptures of battles and chariot races. The horse gained further recognition by the cowboys and American Indians of the wild west who relied so heavily on this creature for survival. In a more contemporary setting, the elegance of the sport of thoroughbred racing has put the horse on a pedestal above most other animals. Bigbronze.com is proud to offer a large selection of horse statues, bronze horse sculptures, and horse head busts in many different sizes and styles.

At Allclassics.com, our capacity to produce traditional and custom pieces in bronze, wood, or cast iron allows us to offer our customers the right design in the right material at the best possible price. We offer excellent prices on quantity production runs, and custom castings. We can produce quantity runs of figures based on your sample or create custom pieces to suit your needs.

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Weight 875 lbs
Dimensions 120 x 48 x 87 in