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Giant American Bull Frog

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Exclusive Design, larger than life and only available through us!
The American Bullfrogs are just like any other amphibian as they spend their entire life in or nearby freshwater. The male bullfrog’s call is distinctive, deep and loud; “Jug-O-Rum”, “Jug-O-Rum” is the call of the Bullfrog. Many people think that the sound is like a cow mooing, which is why this breed of frog has a “bull” in front of it’s name.

This giant mascot size creation is larger than life and bigger than any cartoon style frog and is very life-like capturing the beauty of this amazing sounding amphibian. His massive and the measurements are: 36 inches tall, 53 inches long and 30 inches wide.


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Weight 235 lbs
Dimensions 53 x 30 x 36 in