Darren Hussey

Darren started the company over 30 years ago with Cigar Store Indians.  Back in the beginning, Darren use to have our future carving studio create life-size Cigar Store Indians then he would rent storage units to hold them all in.  After a couple years of doing nothing but hand-carved, wooden Indians, he moved into a warehouse in which the cigar boom took place and made the company start to grow.

From here, he started to use his creativity in doing lost wax cast bronze sculptures after securing an exclusive foundry to work with.  At this time, bronze was reserved for the wealthy and for government agencies due to the heavy price tag that came with hiring an artist to sculpt a model.  With his knowledge, he started creating several pieces and without adding any “ego” into the costs for the customers, another department grew tremendously in no time at all.

As time grew, he rounded up an amazing team of talent to help with designs as well as running the business to help create an amazing company that has many return clients from all over the world.